1. Life Members
      Those ordinary members who wish to become life members and who pay a lump sum in lieu of the yearly subscription.

    2. - List of Life Members

    3. - Membership Form

    4. Ordinary Member

Doctors who are practicing Ophthalmologists and are already members of the society. All new members must have postgraduate qualification in Ophthalmology registerable with P.M.D.C. There should be no restriction in enrolment of members. All members will have a right to vote only after they are approved by the Executive Committee of the branch.

    1. Associate Members

This is open to doctors who are practicing Neuro-Physicians, Neuro-Surgeons, E.N.T Specialists or any other specialists interested in Ophthalmology.

Honorary Members
On the recommendation of the Executive Committee of the Branch, the Central Council shall have the power of electing as Honorary Members, men and women of distinction in Ophthalmology or in the kindred sciences or a person, who has rendered outstanding service to promote Ophthalmology within and outside Pakistan.

  1. Overseas Members

Ophthalmologist from Pakistan living abroad can become Life Members of any branch of their choice in Pakistan, but can not vote by proxy nor they can be elected to any office or Executive Committee membership.